Scales: Neutral buoyancy simulator

This statement print was inspired by The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator, which was a neutral buoyancy pool located at NASA's George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1985. It was used to simulate the weightless environment of space. First the equipment is lowered into the pool using an overhead crane, and then Suited astronauts got in the tank and support divers add weighted to the astronauts so that they experience no buoyant force and no rotational moment.
The scales in this statement print represent an antiquated importance of measuring weight to achieve neutral buoyancy. The scales are sourced from French engravings and the backdrop is made of Turkish Ebru, evoking scientific underwater experimentation.

Title: Scales: Neutral buoyancy simulator
Year: 2016
Medium: Pigment Print
Image size: 22" x 26"
Edition: 25/250
Signed: Signed and numbered in pencil

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