Plate XIV: Baigneuse s' essuyant le pied

Renoir created the plate from which this print was taken, and oversaw its printing in 1919. It was published in 1948 by permission of the Estate Renoir. Renoir, who worked among the Impressionist group in 19th century France, is most noted for his use of vibrant colors and celebration of female beauty. Working en plein air, a technique considered modern to his contemporaries, Renoir captured landscapes saturated with color and the rosy-cheeked bourgeoisie happily going about their daily activities.

Year: 1919 / Published in 1948
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 10 ½ x 14 ½ in.
Edition: 182/250
Printer: Quatre Chemins-Editart, Paris
Publisher: Quatre Chemins-Editart, Paris
Catalog ref: N/A
Signature: Signed in the stone, numbered on the justification page of folio

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