Le Bouquet

This was an image originally created for the International Peace Conference in Stockholm in 1958. Since 1901, when he signed his name "P. Ruiz Picasso", the giant of modern art found his art being placed on the front pages of magazines, newspapers, art publications, and other publications throughout eastern and western Europe. Picasso willingly created original designs, motifs, and logos when asked for them, if he felt either a political, artistic, or symbolic connection with the publication. From the Barcelona art review "Art Joven" to the French Surrealist magazine "Minotaure", Picasso contributed to scores of press-related material, adding artistic strength to their news pieces and placing them squarely into the history of art. S.P.A.D.E.M.

Title: Le Bouquet
Year: 2nd Edition
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 22” X 16”
Edition: 1000
Printer: SPADEM, Arches paper
Publisher: Paris
Catalog ref: Cw.130
Signature: Signed and dated in the stone, numbered in pencil

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