Self-Portrait: 348 Hommage fur Rene Char; Musee d'Art Moderne, Ceret

Picasso's self-portraits are so important in his work that they deserve their own category. This section of paintings spans his entire career, although for most of the post-Cubist work, his identity in his paintings was symbolized by "The Painter", or the "Minotaur" rather than a literal representation of himself. Picasso's manner of self-depiction changed, of course, to match with his current style of painting, so it is interesting to compare the self-portraits from, for instance, the Blue Period to those done when he was working in a Cubist mode only a few years later. In this stunning lithograph, Picasso appears as the painter in one of his favorite striped shirts that he doned while greeting guests in his villa at La Californie in Canne. Museum dArt Moderne, Ceret; Printer: Henri Deschamps, Lith..

Year: 1969
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 16 x 21.5 in.
Edition: Unum./3000
Signature: Hand signed

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