Bullfight Sepia II, 1961

Bullfight Sepia II.jpg

To know and love bullfighting is to be a Spaniard—and Picasso was a Spaniard first, a painter second. Bulls were a constant: the masculine Minotaur, the bull in the ring, dancing bulls from his early childhood in Malaga to his resting place in Vauvenargues. Picasso’s father, José Ruiz Blasco, brought his son to the bullfight arena starting at age of 8. Several of Picasso’s existing childhood drawings are strikingly mature in their depiction of the drama and pageantry of the bullfight. Being confronted with death so early in life had a profound effect on Picasso’s art throughout his life, with mortality taking center stage.

Year: 1961
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 14 x 16 in.
Edition: One of a few signed proofs
Printer: Cercle D' Art, Paris
Publisher: Cercle D' Art, Paris
Catalog ref: N/A
Signature: Signed in crayon

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