La Piscine (Cut-Outs Series)

La Piscine.JPG

This famous lithographic edition is based on gouache cut-outs. The first lithography plates were printed under Matisse’s supervision in 1954. The completion of the printing by Mourlot Freres, came in 1958. Teriade, the publisher for the famed Jazz series, again worked on this series with Matisse to reinterpret the gouache cut-outs by printing them using new lithographic techniques. Working on the Jazz series in 1947, a pochoir process, prepared Matisse for the cut-outs. He deliberately chose lithography over pochoir for this project due to the simplicity of colors and the bright tonality that he sought after. Some suggested Matisse use a photo-hybrid process but Matisse was aware that color photography hadn't been perfected yet. Carried out by hand by gifted specialists, the hand coloring done in lithography was superior to photomechanical techniques. The results speak for themselves and remain to be some of the best examples of lithography of the 20th century.

Title: La Piscine (Cut-Outs Series)
Year: 1954, published in 1958
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: Approx. 38 x 14 in.
Edition: 1st French Edition / Unnumb. 1,200
Printer: Mourlot Atelier, Paris
Publisher: Verve, Teriade
Catalog ref: Verve
Signature: Unsigned

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