Dessins 1941: Book Plate no. 14

The human figure was central to Matisse's work both in sculpture and painting. Its importance for his Fauvist work reflects his feeling that the subject had been neglected in Impressionism, and it continued to be important to him. At times he fragmented the figure harshly, at other times he treated it almost as a curvilinear, decorative element. Some of his work reflects the mood and personality of his models, but more often he used them merely as vehicles for his own feelings, reducing them to ciphers in his monumental designs. After a drawing.

Printer: Mourlot Freres
Publisher: Galerie Louis Carré

Title: Dessins 1941: Book Plate no. 14
Year: 1941
Medium: Offset Lithograph
Image size: 7" x 9"
Edition: 376/500
Signature: Printed signature and date

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