Le Picador II


Le Picador II (Mourlot 350, Bloch 1017) is a celebrated lithograph done created in 1961. This 2nd limited edition of 1,000 was printed in Paris by SPADEM after the edition 1961 edition. This edition was done is a larger, impressive format based upon Picasso's instructions to do so. To know and love bullfighting is to be a Spaniard and Picasso was a Spaniard first, a painter second. Picasso's first graphic attempt was a 1899 etching of a Picador, entitled, El Zurdo. From then on he created lithographs, etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, zinc plates and monotypes, using either the bull or the corrida (bullfight) as the central theme for his graphic work. Originating on the Greek Island of Crete, bulls were let loose once a year to dance with the island's youth. They jumped over the bulls with lavish acrobatic movements, as the sun beat down, and the Aegean Sea glistened. The mythology lived on in Picasso's time, but the tradition was infused with the Spanish sense of danger, and the question of mortality.

Title: Le Picador II
Year: 2nd Edition of 1,000; After a lithograph created in 1961
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 15.25” x 19.75”
Edition: 664/1,000
Signature: Dated in the stone

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