Le Carnet de Californie


Each lithograph from this lavish portfolio strives to render with great accuracy the drawings and sketches in Picasso’s spiral notebook in which he worked from November 1, 1955 to January 14, 1956. The notebook’s theme centered on Picasso’s own studio, his mansion, “Le Californie”, in Cannes, France. Skilled printmakers collaborated on this project using the most sophisticated processes of lithography at the time. The color saturation in the works represents a remarkable achievement in printmaking, allowing each color to maintain its own integrity despite it being layered onto another color. Because Picasso used several different drawing instruments, the lithographic plates were enormously complex. Capturing the texture of each drawing was of the utmost importance. Provenance: Famous Spanish artist, Alfredo Gonzalez Figueroa, was its previous owner. Picasso met Figueroa in 1958. This folio was acquired by Figueroa from Picasso himself, who personally signed many of the interior sheets.

Year: 1960
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 11 x 17
Edition:  1,000
Printer: Hand made paper
Catalog ref: N/A
Signature: Signed