Where do the works come from?

Roughly 90% of the artwork in our collection comes from Paris and other major cities throughout Europe. The art is acquired from both dealers to the trade, and institutions.

Are the works authenticated?

Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity from our organization guaranteeing the authorship, date, and medium of the work(s) for the lifetime of ownership. They also come with an appraisal.

What are the condition of the pieces in the collection?

A unique aspect of our collection, is our rigid 'condition' standards. Each piece is hand-selected, and acquired 'unframed' to evaluate the condition of the paper. We reject pieces needing restoration Pre-WWI. Old Master artwork is permitted to have slight imperfections and minor levels of restoration due to their age.

High condition standards ensure each piece retains its value as it ages. We check the PH balance of the paper, and look for any elements that could potentially harm the paper over time. All artwork is scrutinized for watermarks, provenance for Pre-WWI artwork, references and sizing and any other features necessary to fully authenticate the work.  

How is the artwork shipped?

Each work is securely packed by a professional art packer and then shipped via FedEx to the requested address. Due to the value of the work, a direct signature is required verifying receipt.  We can also ship to your office or another location where you will be able to sign for the work during business hours. Our staff can accommodate your schedule. If you need a piece to either be expedited or held, email us at clientservices@salondart.org, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can work be shipped internationally?

Yes, we can ship your artwork anywhere in the world. For international shipment, your artwork will be packed by a professional art handler, and then shipped via DHL or FedEx International to your desired location. Please email our staff at clientservices@salondart.org for international shipment pricing and additional information.

Once I order a work of art how quickly can I expect to receive it?

The speed of delivery will vary depending upon whether the artwork needs to be framed or reframed prior to shipping. If you are purchasing a work in its existing framing, the work will generally arrive within two weeks of our receipt of payment. If you would like the shipment of your artwork expedited, please contact out staff at clientservices@salondart.org for expedited shipping timelines and pricing.

Who is the curator of the collection?

Mr. Suleyman Cooke, who was educated at the University of San Francisco and The Center for Medieval Renaissance Studies, affiliated with Keble College, Oxford University. After graduating, Cooke returned to California where he spent 8 years working in the gallery world in San Francisco. During that time, he volunteered at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum in the Graphic Art Department for 4 years. Cooke has conducted several independent field research projects on European Modern Masters, which took him throughout Europe. His extensive knowledge of Picasso’s graphic work has placed him as one of the most versed experts on the subject on the West Coast. In 2014, Cooke celebrated 18 years in the arts. 

What is the value of art on paper (or prints)?

They have always been a great value in the 20th–21st century. Prints cost less than original oils, but retain and generally increase in value more rapidly. They generally range in price from $1,000–$1 million. Prints by well-known artists such as Matisse, Miro, Chagall, and Picasso increase 9–15% annually. Most of them were created as illustrations for major folio publications or artist books from 1880–1985. They were made as collectable items in limited editions.