Urn with Playing Cards

This ‘Statement Print’ is designed to be placed in a game room, but is suitable for many other settings. Playing cards arrived in Europe from Egypt in the 1300s. French cards used French suits of trefles. The King of Clubs depicts David, while the Queen of Spades depicts Judith. All playing cards were produced on watermarked paper made by the state to show payment of the stamp tax. The centerpiece in this image is taken from an engraving of a renaissance urn. Observe how the paper color helps to elevate the contours of the urn and compliment the cards.

Title: Urn with Playing Cards
Year: 2015
Medium: Hand Printed Pigment Print
Image size: 37 x 30 in
Edition: Total Ed. 75
Printer: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: Salon D’ Art
Signature: Numbered in pencil

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