Hyde Park, 1972

Hyde Park .jpg

The most famous printing atelier of the 20th century, Mourlot, Paris, received permission from Pierre Levy to create a limited edition of 1000 of the highlights from his marvelous collection. Pierre and Denise Levy made a vast fortune as hosiery manufacturers. They spent their hard earned money collecting Impressionist paintings. Their collection is now housed in the Modern art Museum in Troyes, France in the former Bishop's Palace. Michel Hoog, a former professor a the Ecole du Louvre, wrote the essay for the folio. This is a rare set of lithographs.

Year: 1972
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 18 x 16 in.
Edition: 14/1,000
Printer: Michel hoog, Printer:Mourlot Paris
Publisher: Michel hoog, Printer:Mourlot Paris
Catalog ref: N/A
Signature: Unsigned

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