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A Ship in Search of Lost Time


A mythic tale about a story of a immortal ship in pursuit of a particular ancient glass. The ship can withstand the mystery of the ocean and the changes of captains at command. The image of the landscape is a painting on marble and presented in actual size. The allure of ancient glass is seen in the necklace made of roman glass sourced from Afghanistan. These glass beads bear the marks of not only its past life as a household vase, plate, or temple object, but has also been transformed with a beautiful patina by the very earth in which it rested. The Ebru (marble paper) backdrop offers a storm like atmosphere juxtaposing the paintings calm water of the ship in the bay.

Title: A Ship in Search of Lost Time
Year: 2016
Medium: Digital Pigment Print on Paper
Image size: 13.25” x 9.50”
Edition: 26/250
Signature: Hand signed and printed butterfly insignia

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