Founded in 2002, Salon D' Art™ has the distinction of combining intimate yet elegant exhibition programs with extensive educational and informative collecting advice. Dedicated to art on paper, our mission is to 'create a venue for the conversation about art, where passion promotes leaning, sharing and collecting™'.

Utilizing unique spaces to showcase our collection, over a decade ago, Salon D' Art pioneered the temporary art display concept within the luxury hotel space. Today, we are proud to be the leading hospitality industry focused art exhibitor, infusing the world’s leading hotel brands with museum-quality temporary exhibitions.

The collection, one of the largest of its kind on the west coast, includes a wide array of pieces from the last six centuries. From the works of such masters as Rembrandt, Frenet, Boucher and Renoir, to Matisse and Picasso, to the iconic images of Warhol and Lichtenstein, the collection spans the globe as well as history. The oldest art piece in the collection dates back to circa 1450, depicting St. John on a small hill. The pieces in our collection were created in a number of media including etching, woodcut, engraving, photography, lithography and a variety of original drawing. 

Open to prospective clients and collectors, Salon D’ Art provides an opportunity for interested persons to explore art from various cultures and genres. Salon D’ Art's art advisors™ will work with collectors—both newcomers to the art world, and seasoned specialists—to help them make well-informed decisions about choosing and acquiring fine art. Building a collection over time, we believe, can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments.

A unique aspect of our collection, is our rigid 'condition' standards. Each piece is hand-selected, and acquired 'unframed' to evaluate the condition of the paper. We reject pieces needing restoration Pre-WWI. Old Master artwork is permitted to have slight imperfections and minor levels of restoration due to their age.

High condition standards ensure each piece retains its value as it ages. We check the PH balance of the paper, and look for any elements that could potentially harm the paper over time. All artwork is scrutinized for watermarks, provenance for Pre-WWI artwork, references and sizing and any other features necessary to fully authenticate the work.  

We invite you to browse our collection. Members will receive complete access to view our collection.
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Contact us by email at or call us directly at 415.362.3906, ext 1.  We will gladly assist you with finding the perfect additions to your collection, or your first piece with which to begin your collection. 


Suleyman C. Cooke – President, Chief Curator

Earned B.A. degree from the University of San Francisco in English Literature, Minor in Art History, degree included 1.5-year study at Center for Medieval Renaissance Studies, Keble College, and University of Oxford. Studied Modern Languages at Gobner House, Oxford, England. Assisted the Chief Curator of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Graphic Arts department as a volunteer for 4 years. He has 20 years of experience collecting, curating, and researching Modern Masters and Old Masters art on paper. He has written and lectured on various topics pertaining to art on paper and the visual arts. He coordinated a commission in 2010 by the Office of the President of the United States for a custom work of art, and completed museum consulting projects in Qatar and the Arabian Peninsula. Cooke has assisted thousands of first-time and experienced collectors world-wide to expand their art collections. Enjoys music, running, swimming, traveling and museum going. Favorite museum: Le Louvre


Joann Wright – Human Resources

Joann earned her B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Miami University (Ohio).  She has 20+ years of senior HR generalist experience in healthcare, legal, financial, IT and immigration industries including multi-unit, multi-state retail and professional service firms.   When not taking caring of people issues, she enjoys DIY house projects, watching her sons play soccer/football (kicker), and relaxing with her husband, 3 dogs and 2 cats. 

Lauren Gunn – Client Services

Lauren earned her B.A. in Art History with a minor in Studio Art and her Certificate in Museum and Gallery Practices from Humboldt State University.  She has volunteered at non-profit galleries and at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and taking her dogs on hikes.



Andrea Bartunek – Art Exhibition Greeter

Andrea earned her B.F.A. in Sculpture with minors in Art History, American Studies and Printmaking from Boston University.  She also attended Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy where she studied Painting Conservation and Jewelry Design.   Her love of arts and customer service is shown through her experience as a gallery intern, sculpture assistant, team member at a retail art supplier and art gallery and concierge at the Village of Squaw Valley.   She also was an artist-in-residence where she constructed a sculpture for an organic farm in Hana, Hawaii. In her free time, she enjoys exploring, snowboarding and creating art.


Meredith Dale - Art Exhibition Greeter

Meredith earned her BA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona - Tucson and her MA in Education from the University of Phoenix. She started her art career at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston as the Education Dept. Docent Assistant.  From there she founded/co-founded organizations which coach, mentor, and consult with small businesses in marketing and other needs.  In her free time, she enjoys being with her family. They enjoy outdoor adventures which include running and training for various endurance sports.


Nathan Pestana - Art Exhibition Greeter

Nathan earned his B.A in Art Practice from the University of California Berkeley, where he was awarded Excellence in Printmaking and had artwork featured on the Art Practice Commencement program. Additionally, he participated in the Internship Program: Art Business Foundation and Placement at Sotheby's Institute of Art. He also interned at Golden Squared Consulting in London, where he assisted in the marketing/branding of various UK based galleries, start-ups, international art fairs, museums, auction houses and trade associations. In his free time, he has been a camp counselor and surf instructor.


Rocky Hayden - Art Handler

Rocky recently earned his BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence). He has extensive exhibition experience which includes New York, Rhode Island, Chicago, and Connecticut. His favorite artist is Etel Adnan. In his free time, he enjoys painting and surfing.