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This piece is thought to be a proof sheet done for the book edition by Andre Sauret called Les Vitraux pour Jerusalem Maquette. The dedication of the 12 Jerusalem stained glass windows at the Hebrew Medical Center took place February 6, 1962. That same year, to pay homage to this achievement, Charles Sorlier and Marc Chagall embarked on a lithography project that immortalized the windows. C. Sorlier began this project by creating maquettes or sketches of the window based on Chagall's preliminary watercolors and drawings. This lithograph is the result of painstaking color matching, registration and printings of multiple stones, each with a different color. Chagall signed the works in green pencil to denote his satisfaction with the color rendering.

Year: 1979
Medium: Lithograph
Image size: 23 x 27 in.
Printer: Sorlier & Mourlot.
Publisher: Andre Sauret
Signature: Initialed M. C. in green pencil

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