The Adoration of Venice

For centuries the grandeur of Venice thrives by the ceremonial customs that casts a spell on itself.The decorative veiling of venetian buildings is a sacred ritual that has symbolic weight. It does this by maintaining relationships of symbol upon symbol. Put away all the symbols and what are you left with? Little imagination that produces ordinary buildings. This statement print does the honor by upholding this venetian practice of grandeur that brings joy. See the Piazza in San Marco, it is adorned with an indian Sari. The indian custom of adoration called ‘Shringar’ is the adornment of oneself. Shringar is repurposed in a pageantry that is India consecrating Venice.Hey presto! It’s now an even more marvelous building that feels and looks like a temple of a goddess. See Shringar take hold of the female walking toward us in the foreground. Take note how gouache is used to highlight the most minuscule of details.

Year: 2014
Medium: Hand printed pigment
Image size: 32 3/8 x 27 1/2 in.
Edition: 26/250
Signature: Initialed by the artist/Butterfly insignia

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